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my name is tapon. me love you long time.
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21 somethings or say something
I'm gonna make this a public post, at least for a bit, may change it later, that way i can just link this to those on my facebook, twitter, other stupid internet sites, etc. i am disabling comments so no one accidently posts their info here. also changed my email


New phone is awesome. Transferred numbers... And my sim card went all wonky so many numbers didn't transfer right. So the easiest thing for me to do is save them on on my computer just in case i ever need them, then wipe em all out and readd them one by one. ghetto phone ----> smart phone = crazy happenings!

so i created an new email address so that i could have people email me there contact info, this way i have a record of it all online too. plus, i want to put important dates into my calendar (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc). email is:

so if you would be awesome and email said info to me, that'd be great :)

So Here's a list of the info on you i need or would liek to have. things with an * next to them are most important:

Full Name* (first and last, nickname if you prefer to go by that instead of first, though i'd prefer both

Phone Number* (include cell, home and work if possible, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Address I'd like to have all the address of my friends, but i get if it's a privacy issue or you don't wanna give it to me or don't know me that well

Birthday* Month and day, year is not required but feel free

Got kids? what's their info*: Names, bdays, whatever you think i should know. why is this important, cause how can i buy your little rugrat(s) a gift without knowing their bday!

Email*: though i shoudl get that when you email me heh.

other person infos*: anything you think i should know, siblings, spouses, whatever. oh! anniversaries if you're married!!! Screennames? websites? who knows *L* i don't know what other info you put in address books but i want a non phone version so when shit dies i'm not screwed.

All this info is guaranteed to be kept private unless expressed permission from you

so yeah, email again:
feel free to put the subject as your name or handle or whatever so i know who you are.

i'll probably repost this at some point in the future too.

oh, and if you don't have my info and want it, just let me know


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